Fri 6 Sep

Touch Wood 4

Jo Fong and George Orange / Duckworth & Persson / Kloé Dean / Eva Recacha


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Jo Fong and George Orange
The Rest of Our Lives

George and Jo have been pondering upon how it’s all going to go from here. 

Something middle-aged and hopefully hopeful The Rest of Our Lives will probably be too long or it might be a bit sudden and far too short and the last bit is likely to be a bit crap.
Time is on our side, but life is passing them by.

We’re only at the beginning of the end. In fact only one week into the process when you see this - but we need your eyes to see if this will work.
Join us to test our idea.

Supported by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative and ACWales.

Duckworth & Persson
Well Lit

Duckworth & Persson have many things in common including a complicated relationship with their cultural and gender identities. Well Lit is an early-stage investigation challenging how fashion, media and social politics create the dictionary for demarcating our identities and how the commodification of gender sits with individual experience. Looking at the way that our culture imposes assumed behaviours, Well Lit taps into the discourse and performance of gender to subvert and blur the boundaries between our off and on stage selves.  A collage of music and image, influenced by cabaret and popular culture investigating the politics of performance and the body.

Supported by Arts Council England and National Lottery, The Place, Danscentrum Syd Malmö, Sicoma Floor AB

Kloé Dean
Man Up - Whats Left?

In January 2012 Kloé Dean was delivered the news of her father sadly taking his own life. Unbeknown that this was sadly a common act (with most recent statistics at 12 men dying a day in the UK) Kloé went on to explore the circumstances surrounding his suicide and share the experience to create the awareness of what was left - for her - after her Dad passed in such a way.  Collaborating with Dramaturg Curtis James and Musician Teresa Origone - Man Up - Whats Left? journeys through a heart felt and honest autobiographical work.

Musician Teresa Origone
Dramaturg Curtis James
Producer Emily Crouch
Supported by Artist 4 Artists, Arts Council England and Laban

Eva Recacha

Take a finished origami figure, now unfold it. What do you see? Now tear it apart, what do you see? Now burn it. What do you see? 

IONCEWAS explores themes of gender, age, legacy, and the future through repetitive acts of construction and deconstruction, until the nature of what we are looking at is no longer recognisable. 

Concept and Direction Eva Recacha
Choreography Eva Recacha and Lauren Potter
Performance Lauren Potter

Times: 7pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Autumn Season 2019

Touch Wood 2019

Every summer artists occupy The Place’s studios to create and develop new work as part of Choreodrome - The Place’s research and development programme for UK-based danc