Tue 5 Nov to Wed 6 Nov

Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver


£17 / £13 concs

Daniel is dyspraxic and is too slow. Frauke has ADHD and is too quick. They are married and have kids.

Join Daniel and Frauke in the "Meadowdrome”, the fantastical escapist world they have created in response to these experiences. Here they discover a series of awkwardly intimate and strange actions, rituals, dances, songs, and other dysfunctional activities brought back in time from a post-neurodivergent revolution family fun-time future. 

Dadderrs is a space in which clunky (mis)understandings of bodies and actions can be discussed, explored and ultimately celebrated through ritualisation and play. The performance culminates in an open space where audience are invited to interact, reflect and play in the Meadowdrome with Frauke and Daniel.

Although this is a standing show with optional audience participation, there are seats available should audience members require them.

Age Recommendation: 16+

Please Note: This performance contains male and female nudity, references to sex, loud music and haze. 

Duration: Approx. 60mins

Parent & Baby Matinee: Wed 6 Nov, 11am

We understand it can be difficult for a parent to come out in the evening so we’ve programmed a performance of Dadderrs earlier in the day. You can come with or without your child. Please bear in mind that this is not a children’s show and it does contain adult themes.

To book for the Parent & Baby Matinee click HERE.

Production Credits

Created & Performed: Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver
Music: Steve Blake
Artistic Advisor/ Dramaturge: Frank Bock
Costume Maker: Charlotte Austen 
Production Manager: Tom Wilson

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Autumn Season 2019

Performance Dates