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A Level Teacher's Guide to Richard Alston's Wildlife (1984) & Strong Language (1987)

The pack is available in print (£35.00), digital (£25.00) or print & digital (£50.00), it includes:

Section 1: Historical, Contextual Information: Richard Alston’s choreographic career prior to, during and post his Artistic Directorship of Rambert Dance Company
Section 2: Historical, Contextual and Artistic Information: Wildlife (1984)
Section 3: Historical, Contextual and Artistic Information: Strong Language (1987)

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Overdrive Teaching Resources

Click here to watch interviews with Richard Alston and clips of various movement phrases from Overdrive, especially made for teachers and students of dance.

Essential Alston Resource Pack

The Essential Alston resource pack is an important tool for students of dance at GCSE or A-level. It acts as a  companion to the Alston in Overdrive DVD and contains detailed worksheets and lesson plans which allow the student to sytematically work towards an in-depth understanding of Overdrive.

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Alston in Overdrive

Alston in Overdrive is an essential resource for students and teachers of dance, music and the performing arts, as well as for Alston's wider audience. It includes comprehensive analysis of how the choreography is structured and a detailed introduction to Terry Riley's inspirational music Keyboard Study #1.

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All American Alston

All American Alston is our newest DVD, it brings together three of Richard Alston's best-loved and most engaging dance works; Shuffle it Right, Roughcut and The Devil in the Detail. Inspired by music that is quintessentially American in style, all three show the range of Alston's musical taste, his love of popular music and his consummate choreographic skill. Directed by Darshan Singh Bhuller. © The Place and Singh Productions, 2013.

'Each work is accompanied by a couple of minutes of introduction from the choreographer. Alston is Illuminating... focusing mainly on his choice of music' Jane Simpson, Dance Tabs

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Gypsy Mixture and Nigredo

These two works by Richard Alston perfectly demonstrate the range of his choreography and musical taste - from the infectiously fast-moving and colourful Gypsy Mixture to the sculptural beauty and dark emotion of Nigredo. In Gypsy Mixture the innovotive club remixes of traditional Balkan folk tunes capture the essence of shifting identities and cultural hybridity in the modern world, while Simon Holt's spare and intense piano score Nigredo is immaculately played by Jason Ridgway. An interview with Richard Alston introduces each piece. Directed by Darshan Singh Bhuller. © The Place and Singh Productions, 2009.

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Essential Alston

Essential Alston is an invalable resource for anyone studying or teaching Dance at GCSE, A Level or Degree level. This DVD features an interview with Richard Alston, lecture/demonstration material and extracts from Alston's Illuminations (1994), Okho (1996), Light Flooding into Darkened Rooms (1997) and Brisk Singing (1997).


Download Resources

The following resources have been created to assist students' understanding of Richard Alston's work. They have been designed for easy photocopying and are free to download, simply read the descriptions and select the documents you require from the list below.

For detailed resources exploring the working practices of Richard Alston, his repertoire and behind the scenes information about the company visit


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