Gypsy Mixture

Gypsy Mixture is a piece by Richard Alston originally created in 2004, it has been restaged for the 2017/18 season.

Choreography Richard Alston
Music from Electric Gypsyland
Lighting Charles Balfour
Costumes Peter Todd

Travelling people have always taken their own music and dance with the Picking up influences en route, their culture becomes ever more complex more rich. The classic example is Flamenco, the dance of gypsies who came to Spain from Morocco, but whose ancient roots were in India – Flamenco and the classical Indian dance form Kathak share many steps to prove this.

The music of Electric Gypsyland has travelled with 21st century speed. Transported to the Bucovina Club in Frankfurt by the DJ Shantel, Balkan music met techno and a new hybrid was formed. For this album the influence was broadened by sharing the music with DJs/re-mixers as far afield as Chile and Brazil. In Usti Usti Baba, Macedonian and Chilean brass bands are blended seamlessly; Dumbala Dumba becomes a Romanian samba and in the Fantasia the deep Mediterranean ripplings of clarinet are sharpened by Asian tabla beats broken up by electric organ. So many influences, so many dance impulses have made this mesmerising music to work with, revealing new layers each time you listen.

First performed at Milton Keynes Theatre on 19 October 2004