Cut and Run

Cut and Run is an exciting new work by associate choreographer Martin Lawrance.

I try to choose varying music each time I make a new work and as the last one was Piazzolla, this is very very different! The two pieces of music are by contrasting composers; Yo Shakespeare by Michael Gordon and Evol by Damian LeGassick. Working with music by different composers in the same dance is something I’ve never done before – I see this as a challenge in making the piece look complete.

Cut and Run is my response to the music. There is a sense of urgency driving through it that made me think of running away from something. The tone is very underground – fast dodging rhythms where you may not know when one starts and another ends.

There are moments of stillness for the audience to catch its breath before racing even faster. The costumes have been designed by Filipino fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador who specialises in urban wear which lighting designer Zeynep Kepekli makes shimmer and glow in a world where darkness is stirring.

– Martin Lawrance

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