Choreography Martin Lawrance
Music Franz Liszt Dante Sonata
Lighting Zeynep Kepekli
Costumes Peter Todd

Franz Liszt decided as a young man consciously to emulate the violin virtuoso Paganini in cultivating the persona of a wild Romantic performer. Liszt's long flowing hair, thin fineboned face and sea-green eyes (and of course his thunderous playing) caused a sensation across all of Europe, legions of women in particular becoming adoring fans, to the anguish of their husbands. Thus was born 'Lisztomania'.

A young married Countess, Marie D'Agoult, became seriously smitten with the Maestro but distraught at the never-ending stream of women clustering round him. Liszt did indeed love Marie in spite of his promiscuous attentions elsewhere. He wrote that she "lives within me, burns me and threatens to consume me... Let me be wild and crazy. I am beyond help." Marie suffered many jealous fits, but Liszt and she somehow stayed together on and off for many years during which she bore him two children. Eventually her feelings for him became exhausted by the many women he continued to see and she wrote to him "My brain is spinning again and I cannot stand it, I cannot live in this state of perpetual goodbye."

Burning recieved its world premiere at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh on 26 September 2014