Brahms Hungarian

Choreography: Richard Alston
Music: Johannes Brahms, Hungarian Dances for solo piano
Pianist: Jason Ridgway
Lighting: Zeynep Kepekli
Costumes: Fotini Dimou
Costume Maker: Hilary Wili

The young Brahms visited Hungary on a concert tour and gathered together folk melodies on his journey. He arranged them for piano duet, which proved widely popular because so many people could get to play them and they were tremendous fun to tackle. A later version (used here) was made for one pianist, who somehow has to miraculously do the work of two!Traditional Hungarian music, enlivened by a strong Gypsy influence, is full of racing bursts of acceleration and then sudden stops – catching one’s breath. The music is both raunchy and aristocratic, speedy bucolic gallops combined with haughty grandeur. The balance treads a fine line which I have tried to capture – it’s been a challenge but a hugely enjoyable one.  - Richard Alston

The creation of Brahms Hungarian was made possible through the generous support of John Ellerman Foundation. We would like to thank Janet Eager (Mop) for her generous contribution towards the costumes for Brahms Hungarian. First performed at Festival Theatre Edinburgh on 20 September 2018. Supported by Festival Theatre.